CHARCOAL mattress is made of natural activated charcoal fabric has antibacterial and anti-mite functions. The fabric can help discharge static electricity from the human body, improving sleep quality, relieve fatigue 360°, and give the body a full rest effect.

Three-stage Support

The mattress provides a three stage support for different parts of the body, and is ergonomically designed to provide a close fit and relieve body strength.

  • Provides moderate support in the upper shoulder area
  • Provides good support to your lower back
  • Provides comfortable support for legs

Furniture Station - Exclusively available

Average delivery for mattresses ranges between 7-10 days.

When going to a physical store to try the mattress product, you should allow enough time for lying on the mattress. We recommend at least for 15 minutes. It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes; lie on the mattress and try out your usual sleeping positions for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you buy a double bed, you can try it out with your partner to see the effect when the other person turns over or changes their sleeping positions. Pay attention also to the support and hardness of the mattress. If you feel uncomfortable or feel stress points in your shoulders, hips, and waist, it means the mattress you are trying is too hard.

SINGLE: 36"/42" (WIDTH) x 72"/75" (LENGTH)

DOUBLE: 48"/54"(WIDTH) x 72"/75"(LENGTH)

QUEEN: 60"/66" (WIDTH) x 72"/72"/78"(LENGTH)

KING: 72"/78" (WIDTH)x 75"/78"/80"(LENGTH)