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Measurements 30" x 72"

Mattress purchase of sizes under 42" (width) will receive one Sweetdream pillow; mattress purchase of size 48" (width) and above will receive two Sweetdream pillows. Pillows gifts are only applicable once per order.

  • Anti dust mites
  • 15 years warranty
  • High Density Foam
  • Pocket Spring Coil
  • High Density Cotton Pad
  • BS7177 (Low Hazard)
  • Boxtop mattress
  • ADAPTIVE Fabric
  • Hong Kong Safety Mark
  • Smart Latex
  • Thickness: 20-25cm

SINGLE: 36"/42" (WIDTH) x 72"/75" (LENGTH)

DOUBLE: 48"/54"(WIDTH) x 72"/75"(LENGTH)

QUEEN: 60"/66" (WIDTH) x 72"/72"/78"(LENGTH)

KING: 72"/78" (WIDTH)x 75"/78"/80"(LENGTH)

  • Free delivery to Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories (Discovery Bay additional $200).
  • Delivery on average takes about 7-10 days. For island areas and village houses, please contact for separate quotations.
  • If you need to change the delivery date or size, you must change it 5 days in advance. If the date is rescheduled without notice and the transportation is delivered at the scheduled time, the customer will need to pay an additional $100 for each way shipping fee. If you need to change any order information, please contact us immediately via whatsapp or call 2682 4281.
  • If there are any errors or omissions in the delivery information, delivery may be delayed.
  • Delivery time is Monday to Saturday (no delivery on Sundays and public holidays).
  • Cancellation fee: All order cancellations and returns will not be fully refunded and a transaction fee of 5% of the order total will be charged.

Notice: All additional delivery charges (such as cart pushing to remote village areas without road) must be paid by FPS or paid in cash to the delivery driver when the goods arrive.

Delivery days are Monday to Saturday from 10am to 3pm (no timeslot selection).

Special Area Delivery Additional Charges:

Discovery Bay: Delivery only on Wednesday (additional charge: $200)

Tung Chung and The Peak: Delivery only on Wednesday (no extra charge)

Parkside Bay, Ma Wan, Shek O, Sai Kung, Sham Tseng, Ma Wan, Sha Tau Kok, Lung Kwu Tan: Delivery only on Tuesdays and Thursdays (no additional charge)

Aberdeen, Repulse Bay, Mount Davis Road, Yang Ming Villa: Delivery only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (no additional charge)

ADAPTIVE MATTRESS - STANDARD - Thickness: 8" (20cm) - Product Code: AA3 ADAPTIVE MATTRESS - BOX-TOP - Thickness: 10" (25cm) - Product Code: AA5

"Temperature" is an important factor in determining quality sleep

During sleep, the human body emits moisture like a steam machine. If the moisture problem is not properly handled, the body lying on the bed will feel hot and uncomfortable. At this time, the relative humidity between the bed and the quilt may reach 90- 95%

ADAPTIVE mattress relies on your body temperature and uses your body heat to respond. It controls the absorption capacity of moisture; increasing the speed of moisture evaporation; and achieving a cooler sleeping environment. ADAPTIVE fabrics are more personal and dynamic: for example, when body temperature is low, moisture will absorb quickly into the fabric. When your body temperature is higher, moisture will evaporate faster, making the bed feel drier.

North Carolina State University - College of Textiles in the United States conducted a test report on the moisture-repelling effect of ADAPTIVE fabrics in 2013 to determine its moisture-repelling function.

Product endorsed by The Chiropractic Doctors' Association of Hong Kong

It is mistaken to believe that the harder the mattress, the better it is for your spine. Multiple recent medical reports have overturned this idea and confirmed that only a mattress with "moderate firmness and softness" can provide the most balanced support for the body. The spine is the main support point of the human skeleton and is your center of gravity. Therefore, we must provide good protection measures for our spine, especially when we sleep.

In fact, when viewed from the left and right sides of the human body, the spine is not straight, but presents a three-section S-shaped arc. Therefore the criteria for choosing a mattress should be based on whether it can maintain the natural curvature of the spine.

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Very Comfortable

First time purchasing this mattress in Hong Kong, this one is very comfortable. I slept very well after. Highly recommend if you are looking for a good mattress

Wai Sun Pang