Warranty registration

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

i ) Flipping Your Mattress Regularly

All mattress materials are specially treated to conform to the curve of the human body, so there will be mild molding compression to the body shape (within 1 inch); this is a normal phenomenon, not a fault with the mattress spring structure. During the first 3 months of use, the mattress should be turned upside down every four weeks, afterwards the mattress should be turned upside down every eight weeks to ensure that the mattress materials are evenly compressed to achieve the best support.

ii) Your bed frame size

Incorrect bed frame size may cause insufficient support for the mattress; resulting in damage to the mattress long term and causing local subsidence (such as the old iron and steel bed frame). Therefore when choosing a bed frame, you must pay attention to whether there is sufficient and balanced support to ensure the durability of the mattress.

iii) Keeping the mattress dry and clean

Mattresses should be used with all the packaging materials removed. Using the mattress will reduce the chance of it being contaminated. For cleaning, wash the mattress surface with diluted soap and allow it to air dry. Do not dry with high heat, as this will damage the mattress fabric.

iv) Do not bend or place the mattress in a vertical position.

Folding the mattress, placing the mattress in a vertical position, or jumping on the mattress can seriously damage the mattress structure and damage the mattress support.

Warranty Service

  1. How to claim your warranty service: Please fill in and submit the online warranty registration form. Please keep your receipt for we shall require to match your warranty details with the receipt should warranty service be required.
  2. Warranty Service includes servicing the following below on the condition that the mattress was used properly and within the instructions mentioned in points i, ii, iiii, iv above:
  3. Not covered in Warranty Service

During the warranty period, all maintenance costs are free, but does not include replacement of material (mattress fabrics or other cotton layers) and delivery.

Fees Charged

  1. During warranty, all spring maintenance costs are free.
  2. If you need to replace other materials (mattress fabric or other cotton layers) need to be quoted separately, and the customer will pay for delivery.
  3. If the mattress needs to be returned to the factory for inspection or maintenance, all transportation costs shall be paid by the customer.