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bettersleep mattress 床褥 金美夢 金美夢床褥

Is it a good idea to take a nap?

By Leo Leung

相信唔少人應該同小編一樣,食完個Lunch 之後都好容易「飯氣攻心」😴,一返到Office 眼皮就好似千斤重一樣,令你有想午睡嘅衝動!有人就會選擇洗個面或者飲杯咖啡☕️去清除睡意,但其實午間小睡片刻嘅好處可能比你想像中多。今日小編就同講講3個午睡嘅好處啦💕!

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Planning your sleep schedule 🗓

By Leo Leung

Many people work in shifts due to their livelihood or work needs. The reversal of day and night will disrupt our sleep cycle, which means that...

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bettersleep mattress sweetdreamhk sweetdreammattress 床褥 金美夢 金美夢床褥

Does catching up on sleep during holidays really work🧐?

By Leo Leung

During holidays, some people go out to meet friends while others get on a plane to travel far. However some people prefer to stay home and relax; catching...

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